The Art of Fitness is Growing

My biggest goal of The Art of Fitness is to help change the lives of as many people as possible. In order to do this, TAO-Fit must grow. So I’m excited to announce– I’m hiring.

I am seeking a personal assistant. If the description below fits, you’re interested in joining The Art of Fitness, and helping change lives, then please respond to this post.

Please forward this job description to any top notch friends or family members who you think may be interested.



Personal/Business Assistant Position

Jesse JamesRetherford / The Art of Fitness

This is a part time position working one-on-one with the primary therapist at The Art of Fitness. For more information on Jesse and The Art of Fitness, visit his website:

This is a contract position starting at 5-10 hrs/week. This position has the potential to expand and grow in both hours and pay.

This position provides support in four main areas: 

1) Client Management 

•Tracking appointments
•Updating client lists

2) Online Presence
•Editing and creating content for newsletters, social media, and blogs

3) Outreach
•Coordinating events/workshops
•Seeking opportunities to collaborate with local businesses/organizations who also have a focus on recovery, fitness and wellbeing

4) Business Development 
•Expanding business opportunities

The perfect fit will have the following skills:
•Strong written communication. From blog posts to appointment reminders, you should feel comfortable focusing on a topic and connecting it to your readers. Much of the writing will be transcribing or editing from Jesse, but having the skills for creating strong original content is a plus.

•Strong verbal communication. You should be adept in connecting with local businesses, organizations, and individuals with the purpose of scheduling events, networking, and general outreach needs.

•Professional familiarity with Google Docs, Mailchimp, Facebook, WordPress, Twitter. These are the primary hosts of TAO-Fit’s online presence.

•Ability and willingness to brainstorm with Jesse and take initiative in developing a project

•Event planning/organization

•Marketing/Business experience with online product development and release

•Entrepreneurial Spirit

•And because this work is all about helping people live as well as possible through movement therapy, a personal interest in movement/exercise/health is very helpful

Position begins early May. Some remote work possible, but weekly check-ins and in-person work is preferred. Pay begins at $12+/hour depending upon experience.

To Apply:
Please visit the website and then write a one page cover letter stating:
1) why you are a good fit for this position and
2) one thing that interests you from the website.

•Email cover letter and resumé to [email protected] with the subject “PA Job”

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