Welcome to The Art of Fitness!

Our work here is to help you develop a movement lifestyle. As a Movement Therapist as well as Fitness and Lifestyle Coach, I use personal training sessions, as well as online video/blog content, to teach movement therapy to help you restore and develop skillful, natural, human movement.

As we move together, you will develop and implement a serious-yet-playful movement practice that will equip, prepare and challenge you to develop a body that is prepared to thrive in life. You will learn to feel and explore your body through movement, learn purposeful and skillful daily movements, and over time, shift into a deeper experience of your body through movement. This approach moves beyond movement and will touch all aspects of your life--emotional, relational, spiritual… and so much more.

As a tribe, we can take this energy of improving ourselves, our bodies, and our lives to another level. We get to pay it forward. We get to affect real change and share our gifts (whatever they may be) with the world. We get to...

  • help build a home
  • feed someone who is hungry
  • work with veterans, seniors, children, etc...
  • build a community garden
  • build a community movement/play space
  • and so much more...

This website is your resource. From here you can

Change your movement lifestyle to change your life. That’s The Art of Fitness.
-Jesse James Retherford