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TAOFit Movement Mentorship GroupAre you ready for a change in movement lifestyle, but don’t know where to start? 

We have multiple introductory movement entry points for you to discover. If you’re at all curious about the TAOFit Movement Therapy practice, I strongly encourage you to begin here. 

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**All classes, workshops, and consultations are an offering of Gift Economy to the community (donations are gratefully accepted). Details at the bottom of the page.

Intro to Joint Mobility Restoration weekly online class

I teach all the juicy movements every Tuesday and Thursday at 9 am CST on Zoom. Each class is offered as a gift

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TAOFit is committed to the concepts of Gift Economy. We are doing everything possible to make all of our offerings available for free as a gift to our community. 

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As a strong advocate of the concepts of Gift Economy, the Art of Fitness offers all classes, workshops, consultations, and video content for free, as a gift to community. Our goal is to offer you so much amazing life-changing value that you can’t help but gift back.

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