Summer Hours and Upcoming Presentations

Summer Hours and Upcoming Presentations

New Summer Hours!

My first semester back to school is in the books, and I’m happy to report that I received all A’s for my effort! No rest for the wary, though! Last week, I started summer classes at Texas State University–Developmental Psychology and Medical Terminology. Summer school classes are daily and intensive, which means some major changes to the availability of Massage Therapy and Coaching sessions. To make up for the lack of morning appointments, I have opened up some new summer hours. You can view my current schedule here

Summer is a great opportunity to show your body a little extra love! Schedule yourself a massage here.

Upcoming Presentations!

Over the summer, I’m excited to be presenting at Oak Hill Wellness. Mark your calendars now, come check out the center, and learn some immediate ways to improve your movement and your life!

July 27, 2017: Movement Restoration

Movement Restoration - Summer Hours and Upcoming PresentationsWhat are the steps to leading a pain-free life? Believe it or not, they don’t include lying around waiting for the pain to end. There’s no pill, magic formula, injection, or surgery that can take the place of healthy movement. Pain often stems from immobility or lack of movement. I find that most cases of chronic pain can be solved by learning how to move the body and developing a daily intentional movement practice. In this workshop, I’ll be sharing some easy-to-implement, daily exercises for restoring lost movement patterns to reduce pain and improve your life. Bring a mat if you have one, and be sure to wear clothes you can move in.

August 24, 2017: Finding Balance

Finding Balance - Summer Hours and Upcoming PresentationsContrary to popular opinion, balance is not about maintaining a static position, such as standing on one leg for a long period of time. To feel steady on your feet and avoid falling well into advanced age, you must develop dynamic balancing skills. After a fall, our tendency is to go into a state of fear, caving into ourselves, becoming rigid, and afraid to move. This state actually increases the likelihood of another fall. Instead of moving in fear, you need to challenge your balance in order to re-calibrate your nervous system. Join us for a workshop that will improve your overall balance, reduce falling, and even provide strategies for a safer fall! Bring a mat if you have one, and be sure to wear clothes you can move in.

To learn more check out the Oak Hill Wellness Clinic team.

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