Back to School Announcement – Newsletter – Mar 2017

Back to School Announcement

I am excited to share some big news—I am going back to school! Actually, classes began a few weeks ago. I stopped going to school over 13 years ago, just short of reaching my degree, and I have regretted it ever since. I promised myself that I would return and get it done. So when the opportunity presented itself, I was did not hesitate.

I am now pursuing a doctorate degree in physical therapy at Texas State University. I am focused, dedicated, committed, and more than a little scared out of my mind. It will take about 5 ½ years. This will be a huge challenge, one I’m excited to tackle. I’m not interested in maintaining the status quo. Taking the easy route now equates to my future lack of personal growth. My best friend once asked me, “In five years, where will you be if you do nothing compared to taking the hard choice now?” Change is scary, but I am all in. I am excited. One thing I’ve learned at this stage in life is that these types of opportunities are fewer and farther between as we get older. It is a privilege to become a student again and to show my son that learning and growth are a life-long pursuit. 

As I once again step back into school, I look forward to deepening my knowledge and passion of the human body and movement. I absolutely love what I do. Helping people change their lives through movement and learning about their body IS my calling. I’ve known this from the very moment I decided to become a personal trainer in San Diego almost 20 years ago. As a physical therapist, I will have the opportunity to help change more lives through movement.

During this time, I’ll be a full-time student, full-time business owner, and full-time dad. Talk about a stretch. I can only imagine the person I will be in 5 ½ years. I suspect it will be transformational. I know I’ll have to learn so much and not just educationally. I will have to grow up emotionally and spiritually as well. To be successful, I will have to develop better organizational habits, time management skill, and take advantage of every spare moment to be present with my son.

What Does This Mean For My Clients?

Clients can continue to expect the same great results from working with me, whether they’re coming in for massage, personal training, or logging in from anywhere in the world for online movement therapy sessions!

With a full-time class schedule, my business hours are filling up fast.

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Therapeutic Massage:

When you hire me for massage therapy, you’ll be an active participant, helping to discover how your body is currently moving and creating a program to restore mobility, regain function, and reduce pain. Massage therapy can be much more than a chance to zone out for an hour–it’s an opportunity to learn about how your body moves and leave with tools of how to move more effectively.

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In-Person Personal Training and Movement Therapy

My approach to personal training and coaching is to develop long-term, lasting results by focusing on creating a lifestyle and paradigm shift around how you feel in your body, how you move, how you engage in movement, and how you develop movement skills that will last a lifetime. Instead of unsustainable short-term gains, we will develop life-long habits of moving and being in the world.

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Online Personal Training and Movement Therapy

After numerous requests for long-distance coaching options, I am now offering—and really enjoying!—Online Coaching. Using either Skype or Facetime, each live video coaching session have the same goals as with in-person sessions.

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