Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

Many people, when thinking about Massage Therapy, imagine relaxation, a spa day, maybe even falling asleep on the table. However, there is an incredibly wide spectrum of massage work available in the world. Massage can fall anywhere on the range of energy work, spa treatment, relaxation to deep tissue, and stretch. All hands-on massage therapy work–when you’re working with an experienced professional massage therapist is an invaluable part of your health and wellness. However, my massage therapy practice utilizes a more active approach than most. You’ll walk away feeling more relaxed at the end, but you definitely won’t sleep through it.

Hands on massage therapy on the plantar surface of the foot.

I love working with clients who want to participate in learning how to feel better in their body. Who see beyond being “fixed” and instead are looking for life change. When you hire me for massage therapy, you’ll be an active participant, helping me to discover how your body is currently moving and creating a program to restore movement, regain function, and reduce pain. Massage therapy can be much more than a chance to zone out for an hour–it’s an opportunity to learn about how our body moves and leave with tools of how to move more effectively.

When I am doing massage therapy, I am intuitively feeling out what is going on in the way the you move, mapping out the specific areas of your body. Throughout the massage, I’m getting a better picture of whether your body is out of balance and in which ways you are compensating for those imbalances. You will be communicating about what you’re feeling throughout our session. There may be painful spots during the massage, but the massage as a whole will not be painful. The more feedback you provide during the massage — this is where you will be present and active — helps me confirm what I’m sensing through my hands and guides me to find restrictions that may be contributing to painful movement patterns.

This style of massage therapy works best as part of a larger movement practice, something I call “movement therapy.” If clients find benefit in the massage alone, that’s great; however, I find the greatest benefit of this type of massage happens when partnered with a movement practice. What I see during the massage gives me a better picture of specific movement therapy exercises to teach the client. My practice doesn’t focus on typical releases, trigger points, knots, or any of the other jargon for massage; instead, I provide a general unwinding, opening up range of motion, and improving the fluidity of movement. This allows the clients to get greater improvement with their movement therapy exercises, or when simply engaging in the natural movement of life. While many think of massage therapy as an end goal, a sort of zen break,  I consider it to be a beginning, one small impactful part of your larger movement journey toward a greater quality of life.

Full rate session is $105 (discount with subscription billing)

Each session is 60 minutes

Subscription billing:
For consistent care and the best value for your dollar,
we offer the option of purchasing our primary services on a subscription basis.
A paid subscription entitles you to a certain number of hours of service in a given calendar month.
It also entitles you to a discounted rate for additional services received in that same month.

Two sessions per month is $190 
Four sessions per month is $360 

You must pay for any month’s subscription in full before services can be delivered under its terms. Your monthly entitlement to services never extends beyond the calendar month. We do not refund underused subscription fees. For more complete details about our Billing policy, please see the full policy.

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