Our Billing Policy

Our Billing Policy

This policy specifies how The Art Of Fitness bills for services and manages the accounts we maintain with you, our client. When you accept the services we provide, you acknowledge and accept these terms as well. We recommend that you read and understand this policy before you engage our services. We have established this and other policies to help avoid any misunderstandings which might interfere with a fair and positive experience while working with us.

If you have any questions or feedback for us regarding this or any of our policies, please let us know.

Our services

The Art Of Fitness specializes in the applied art and science of functional movement. Our primary services are delivered directly to you, our client, through private, personalized, in-person engagements at one of our studio locations or sometimes in another setting. We call each of these engagements a session, and typically sessions are designed to be 60 minutes in duration. The services we provide in a session context might include:

Movement assessment through observation and hands-on discovery techniques

Application of hands-on massage therapy techniques for immediate relief and as exploration toward longer-term solutions

Personal training and coaching to teach, demonstrate, and help you practice helpful movements

Education within a variety of topics centered around the role of movement in your particular situation

Any session will typically include a mixture of these different services delivered together in a coherent and purposeful sequence designed specifically to pursue your goals at that time. For this reason, we do not differentiate these services for the purposes of billing. Instead we bill for the entire set of services as one service offering.

While we also provide other services in other modes, such as group workshops and classes, those other services are provided under their own separate terms and so are not covered by this policy.

Billing and payment

While we deliver our services by the session, we price and bill for them by the hour. This means that sessions may be designed to have other than the typical 60 minutes duration, and if so, their cost will vary accordingly.

Payment is due at the time service is delivered. This means you will normally be expected to pay for each session in full at its conclusion. If for whatever reason you are unable to pay for your session when it’s due, you may pay for it any time before your next engagement with us. We reserve the right to withhold further services if you have not paid for all your prior services in full. In such cases, we may even refuse to honor a scheduled appointment without any compensation for your time or inconvenience.

We accept in-person payments in the following forms:

Cash – When you pay us cash, we will provide you with a written receipt at the time it’s tendered.

Check – If one of your checks is returned unpaid, we will require the payment in another form and we will no longer accept checks from you for future payments.

Credit card – We accept most major credit cards, but you must present the card in person.

We do not process insurance claims, however your purchases of our services may be allowable as medical expenses either for tax reporting purposes or under certain types of medical insurance or health maintenance plans. You should consult your plan administrator or a qualified tax professional if you wish to learn more about this topic. We are able to provide a monthly statement of expenses you’ve incurred for our services if you so request.


In order to simplify the payment process, we offer the option of purchasing monthly pre-paid subscriptions for our services.

When you purchase a subscription for any month, you are entitled to a certain quantity of services to be received by the end of that calendar month. Generally the price per hour for services provided under a subscription is significantly discounted as compared to the per-session rate. In addition, a paid subscription also entitles you to a discounted rate on additional services you might use beyond the entitled quantity. Payment for such additional services is due at the time of delivery. For example, if you purchase a subscription for 4 1-hour sessions, you owe nothing more for the next 4 sessions you use that month, and the 5th session would be provided at the additional but discounted rate with payment due at the end of that session.

The subscription billing model is designed to make it convenient to sustain a service schedule over multiple months. To avoid disruptions in service, we recommend that you arrange for regular or even automatic recurring payments to arrive on or around the first of each month in which you wish to receive services. Then you may receive all of the services your subscription entitles without any further payments due for that month. You may pay for your subscription in any of the following ways:

Online bill pay – Most bill pay services will dispatch a paper check as payment, and we gladly accept these. Using a service like this is one of the most convenient ways to sustain a service relationship.

Check – When you send a check by mail, please be sure to allow time for it to be delivered by the postal service. We apply the payment only after we’ve actually received the check. Our policy on accepting personal checks is further detailed above.

Paypal – If you prefer to pay using Paypal, you may complete the transaction online.

If you make your payment in person, you may use one of the payment methods described above in the Billing and payment section.

It is not necessary to formally cancel a recurring subscription, although we do appreciate prior notice. We do not provide services under the terms of a subscription until it has been paid in full for the month in question. You may purchase a subscription at any time in a month, even if you have already purchased services under per-session terms earlier in the month. When in the month you purchase the subscription does not affect the quantity of services it includes, nor does it apply retroactively to sessions that have already occurred. We do not pro-rate services or fees associated with a subscription.

Subscriptions apply to calendar months only. Specifically, they apply from the time the subscription fee is paid in full until the last day of that month. Unused sessions cannot be “rolled over” into future months, and subscriptions expire on the last day of each month. This means you forfeit any unused sessions at the end of each calendar month. For example, if you purchase a monthly subscription on the 12th of June, you may use the services it entitles any time before July 1. After June 30th, the June subscription no longer applies.

You, the client, are responsible for scheduling the sessions you need to take maximum advantage of your subscription. We recommend that you schedule all entitled sessions for a given month at the time you make your subscription payment for that month. When you schedule an appointment with us, we commit to honor it.

We do not offer partial refunds for subscription fees. As described in our scheduling policy, it is possible to receive a credit for scheduled services we are unable to deliver under the terms of a subscription, but such a credit may only be applied to offset the cost of future services. Please see our scheduling policy for more details.


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