How To Instructions For Pain Relief Using A Foam Roller

This week is a video blog with how to instructions for temporary relief from common running/walking pains.

For the best results with this quick do it yourself-massage therapy, spend 3-5 minutes massaging the areas described.

It is important to follow up with full body foam rolling techniques as outlined in my blog.


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  1. Curious which foam roller is that or does it make a difference on the type you get ? I been wanting to get foam roller or one of the various stick alternatives out there.

    1. Hi Matthew,

      I prefer a very firm foam roller. I feel it is better to have release in your tissue and not the foam. There are two rollers that I recommend.

      The Grid from Trigger Point Therapy
      The Grid is great if you have a small floor space or if you travel frequently. It is small and fits into carry-on luggage, plus it is hollowed out so you can pack socks or underwear inside of it. It is also one of the more firm rollers on the market next to buying PVC pipe. This one is my current favorite.

      A black foam roller from
      This is a less expensive roller. It is a good solid roller that will last. Some of the foam rollers out on the market break down with high usage. This roller does not do that. I put my foam rollers through heavy usage and these have held up for years.

      I am not a big fan of The Stick. They are best if you have somebody else to work on you. I get such great results with a foam roller that I never really got into the stick. My opinion is a foam roller is the cheapest, most effective investment in your long term health and fitness.

      Jesse James Retherford

  2. I have been following your suggestions every night and I am finding that at some pressure points the pain is pretty breathtaking when I am using the Grid. How do you determine what is appropriate pain and what is not? I have a pink foam roller from OPTP. The firmer one is too hard on my body.

    1. Hi Sandi,

      Thanks for the question. I apologize for my slow response. Where are the areas that are so painful? It may be an issue of adjusting your position. Foam roller therapy is quite painful, especially early on or if you have an acute painful injury. Ultimately, I suggest you listen to your body. If your body is saying “Get Off!” then that is probably the right thing to do at that moment. Try adjusting your position to lessen the pressure. Don’t force the pressure. Try to find a position where you can relax (as much as possible) and allow the pressure. Take your time too. Some areas need more time (minutes per session, or even multiple sessions and weeks) before they reduce.

      It is ok to use the softer roller on areas that are to painful using the firmer roller. Eventually you want to move up to the firm roller.

      Let me know where the areas you’re having the most problems with and I will try to walk you through it a bit more.

      Jesse James Retherford

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