Night time Slackline snack – January 6


Went on a 5-6 mile hike today after a full morning with clients. Spent some time during the day with deep squat work and balancing on the board, slackline, and balance bar.

This was a super fun little night time movement snack on the slackline. The left knee is still quite wobbly compared to my right. I put a little extra time and focus on it. I felt like I was able to find a bit more control through the session.

Such a beautiful evening to play outside in the backyard.

Movement Restoration

This was a really nice little ten-minute restoration session with a focus on ground-based movements through the hips. Some left hip instability got my attention, so I focused on it. There is also a small range of motion that still smarts the left knee. I have to move slowly and safely through that bit.

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