Neck Pain Movement Restoration Session

I experience daily chronic pain. Every day something hurts, although it isn’t always the same thing, nor at a consistent pain level. Most days, pain is low on the spectrum (1 or 2 on a scale of 10). Other days, it can be high (8 or 9). It stems from a laundry list of insignificant to majorly significant injuries throughout my life (I detail them a bit in my about me page on my website).

Yesterday I spent an hour and a half on my motorcycle and another hour or more in the car. I did explore movement a bit, mainly balance play on the balance bar and slackline, but I did not do a Movement Restoration session. Today I woke up with a decent pain spot on my left side neck. It hurts to turn my head to the right and a few other movement patterns elicit pain. When I do not do at least a few minutes of full body restoration movements each day… I pay the price the following day.

My first appointment canceled due to illness which gave me the opportunity to move and reset my neck. In this session, I am exploring movement through my spine paying attention to how it relates to my neck. I popped out my trusty Theracane to work on some sticking points in the neck and then reintegrated movement.

My neck is still a bit twingy, but the discomfort was reduced by 60-80%. I’ll continue to work on it throughout the day. I expect by tomorrow it will be down to 10% of what I felt today.

Balance Sessions

What do you do when you’re watering the trees and it’s amazeballs beautiful outside?

Evening Routine

The neck pain is still bothersome. It mainly hurts turning my head. Thankfully, it isn’t the kind of pain where it just bears down on everything. All the residual tension associated with the neck pain is gone. It’s been reduced to a very specific spot around the scalenes on the left side.

When I shot this video, it was 10p, it’s been a long day, and I’m ready for bed. I got a decent amount of movement today, but because of the neck, feel like I need a little more before turning in for the night. I took a nice long hot bath prior to starting this session, so my body feels heated, soft, and relaxed.

In this session, I focused on shin box explore (which felt amazing), exploring the full range of motion of my neck through multiple positions (including off the floor), and finished up with a little deep squat work.

Even though it’s late and I’m tired, I felt so much better after this session.

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