Balance and Climbing Play Jan 5

The first part of my balance work for the day is on a bar. This is my backyard. With the combination of cold and wet, I haven’t been outside to play very the past few weeks. And with my school schedule, my outside practice took a big hit.

My knee feels much better than it did yesterday. The achiness I’d associate with inflammation is gone. All that remains in the last remanence pain that hasn’t gone away since the original injury.

I’m definitely rusty and my left knee is super challenged compared to my right. I’m also wearing my hiking boots which add to the challenge. I like to train both barefoot and shod.

Balance Play

Climbing Play

With the shoulder issues I’ve had over the past 5-6 months, I’ve had to cut out all pulling work, at least anything pulling through flexed elbows. Since finishing the semester and having three weeks to focus more on my body; almost all the elbow pain is gone, and most elbow function is back. This was a fun little climbing session.


I generally try to get a few minutes of slackline balance drills each week. It’s been hard getting out here over the past few months from the combination of weather and school schedule. I’m rusty.

I could really feel the benefit of this on my left knee. It was super challenged. I felt like I was able to push it just enough without irritating it. If my knee responds positively, I will make a better effort to come out and play more each week.


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