Natural Movement Lifestyle

Natural Movement is a lifestyle

Jesse James Retherford coaching natural movementHow much do you think about your movement? Every movement you make or don’t make throughout the day is an opportunity to make a choice. What that movement or lack of movement looks like is a valuable opportunity. Why? Because Natural Movement is a lifestyle choice. Which has parallels into our physical as well as intellectual, emotional, and spiritual body. 

I like to think about movement the same as nutrition. How you move is how you feed your body movement. When you sit in front of a computer for eight hours per day, it is the equivalent of feeding your body McDonald’s. That one hour workout after work isn’t going to make up for eight hours of Micky D’s. 

Your body needs more throughout the day. It needs more macronutrients. It needs more micronutrients. You need to feed your body more kale! Your body needs little movement snacks fed to it throughout the day. As a MovNat coach not only do I teach natural human movement, I am also a consultant. I help my clients see where resistance exists and provide them with the tools to move past whatever is holding them back.

As a lifestyle, it’s not just about how you move during your hour long training session, but how you integrate movement practices throughout your day and life. It’s developing new habits of movement. To create new habits, change must happen, and with change comes resistance.

Through making better movement choices, developing new habits around movement, and overcoming resistance from change, my clients grow and evolve their movement lifestyle. They get to feel and experience growth in all aspects of their life, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.

This is where movement can facilitate life change.

Ready to begin your movement practice? Try going through these movements twice a day for the next week and share your progress with me on The Art of Fitness Facebook page.

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