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Due to the overwhelming response to this gift offer (December massage sessions booked up within 24 hours), I am extending this offer for sessions scheduled up to January 31, 2016.

Since I have your attention, please take a moment to check out what The Art of Fitness philosophy on Movement Therapy is all about.

Thank you for sharing this with your family and friends.


About six years ago, I practiced gift economy. I did not charge money for my work. I had no hourly rate. I had no suggested donation amounts. I offered my work for free as a gift with no expectation of a return of value.

I loved practicing gift economy

I loved how it allowed me to work with everyone, regardless of whether they could afford my services or not. I loved it because everybody gave back in heartfelt ways. Most people would give money. Others would offer vegetables from their garden, home-baked goodies, or help with electrical or plumbing work. Best of all, many would forward their gifts to others.

I moved away from gift economy as my life and family needs have changed, but I continue to be inspired by the concept. There is something simple and sweet in the idea of living my life as a gift to others, and I aspire to this each and every day.

In the Spirit of Giving

Since it is officially the season of giving, I am returning to the gift economy. For appointments scheduled during the month of December  through the end of January 2016, I am offering deep tissue massage therapy sessions as my gift* to all current, former, and new clients.

Click here to schedule a deep tissue massage therapy session for yourself or a loved one.

*In a gift economy, goods and services are provided with no expectation of payment, or with payment being “forwarded” for another’s benefit. It is my preferred way to give back and to express my gratitude for the trust and faith you place in me.

These sessions are offered as a gift. You will not be expected or requested to provide payment. (FYI my normal fee for deep tissue massage therapy is based on a sliding scale up to $150/session.)

Massage therapy appointment availability is limited. Sessions are first-come first-served, so up and book your appointments now.


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