Does Massage Therapy Solve Your Pain

Does Massage Therapy Solve Your Pain?

Do you have a standing massage therapy appointment? Do you foam roll the same areas each week? Does this provide Massage therapy - Austin Texas - The Art of Fitnesstemporary relief, but eventually the same aches and pains come back? If so, something is missing in your fitness and wellness approach.

As a massage therapist, I cannot fix you with massage therapy! No massage therapist or movement therapist can fix you. You are not broken.

How you move is directly related to how well you feel.

Hands on massage therapy is an incredibly valuable tool. Massage therapy is a tool in my movement arsenal. However, by itself, massage therapy is limited. If you want to feel better in your body, you must focus on the quality of your movement. How you feel will alway comes back to how well you move. If you move better, you will feel better.

I can help most people get out of pain through massage. However, If all my focus is on table work, you will leave my office and go back to the exact same movement patterns that caused your pain to begin with. The pain will eventually come back.

Want the pain to stay away? Learn to move well.

This is what I teach… how to move better. I develop a Personalized Exercise Program so that through your own movement practice, you begin to heal yourself. This is where the magic happens.

Move better to feel better

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