The Art of Movement Effienciency

Movement efficiency is a lost art in today’s fitness industry

Movement Efficiency - Personal Training and CoachingWith the desire to work hard and look fit, we are sacrificing movement efficiency – moving well – for conditioning. This is why you hurt!

I don’t care how hard you can workout. Anyone can workout hard. That’s easy. How well you move takes practice. Instead I focus on how efficiently you can work.

During Personal Training and Coaching sessions, I teach clients to learn and perform movement with skill… First, second, and last! As you learn the skill of movement efficiency, you can then apply load and intensity to improve conditioning, but you are always applying the art of movement efficiency.

Conditioning isn’t sacrificed. You gain both competency of movement and conditioning. Your conditioning is built upon a stable foundation of movement skill.

Move well, feel well. Be strong to be helpful.

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