Incorporate Self-Manual Therapy into Movement Restoration – Feb 21 – 4x speed

It’s been a challenge -schedule-wise over the past week – to fit in good movement session. I add movement in bit by bit throughout the day, which makes a monster of a difference in how I feel, but also isn’t enough.

In this session, I was planning on just doing Movement Restoration, but noticed a few spots of movement tension/restriction – right anterior hip, right lumbar area, and left adductors.

I recently received a Melt Method foam roller as a gift and decided to try it out. It was a really nice tool for the areas I wanted to work on. It is significantly softer than The Trigger Point Grid foam roller I normally use. The spot in my lumbar area seemed to wrap around my rib cage. The Melt Method roller allowed me to work in this area with a softness that felt beneficial.

How I Incorporate Self-Manual Therapy into Movement Restoration:
As I explored movement and noticed a specific restriction that did not improve through movement, I used the roller to slightly inhibit the restricted tissue. Once I felt a slight improvement in pressure pain (generally a 30-40% reduction), I returned to the movement to challenge the movement. I worked on three different areas and noticed a significant improvement in each movement. Today, as I’m writing this, my body feels much better than it has over the past couple weeks… with room for improvement.

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