Shoulder MOB/Stability and Get ups- Feb 22 – 4x speed

Ah, this was a nice movement session.

After Incorporate Self-Manual Therapy into Movement Restoration last night, I noticed my right glute medius was sore – the workout kind of sore. My assumption is that I opened up my gait mechanics which allowed the right glute med to be loaded fully with every step. Add the repetition of walking all day and I have muscle soreness. This felt like a good thing.

I started with Movement Restoration to open up and explore my body. I noticed the same right side lumbar tension/restriction from last night. I got the Melt Method foam roller out again to get a small release and then back to movement explore. I also noticed that bilaterally my neck was tight. After the Movement Restoration, I focused on Get-ups from the floor, shoulder MOB/stability… moving my body around the loaded shoulder, and Turkish Get-ups.

The Get-ups from the shin box position felt really good. I love the stretch I feel through the hips and core when fully extended.

With the shoulder MOB/stability, my right shoulder is still a bit unstable compared to my left (all residual from elbow tendinopathy a few months ago). I took the shoulder up to the edge but made sure not to cross it. It’s not worth the injury risk.

I added in Turkish get-ups balancing a foam Yoga block on my fist. I love this movement. It is super challenging. I really struggled with my loaded right shoulder. I’ll program this movement in a bit more
over the coming weeks.

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