Walking Running Gait Assessment

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Runner on trail at sunset. Walking and running gait assessment

“I’m afraid I’ll never be able to run again!”

Does it hurt when you walk or run? Walking and running gait are incredibly functional movements. It should not hurt. It is time for an expert gait assessment!

Walking and running gait biomechanics are a refined skill. From the moment we are born, every movement we make reinforces and prepares us for walking. Once we are able to walk, each movement development is then built upon the foundation of walking. However due to our modern lifestyles, we’ve have developed bad movement habits. We have lost the art and skill of moving, walking, and running well. Our poor habits create dysfunction in the movement system. When there is dysfunction in your movement, I guarantee it will show up in your gait. A gait assessment is a powerful tool to show where the dysfunction is in your movement. This points of directly in the direction of creating a lasting solution to eliminating pain, preventing pain and injury, and getting you moving better. Once we clear the dysfunction from your movement system, you can again focus on the pain free skill of walking and running.

Walking and Running Gait Assessment

This is not a gait assessment to determine which shoes to sell you! This is a gait assessment by an experienced movement therapist.

We use a combination of movement assessment modalities as well as a walking and running gait assessment. To start with, We simply watch the way you walk and/or run looking for problematic compensation patterns. We may shoot a video so we can break down specific patterns in slow motion. Next, we do some on table and off table gait specific NeuroKinetic Therapy (NKT) muscle testing, another form of movement assessment. Based upon what we find to be the primary compensation pattern, we will coach you on how to perform exercises to correct the pattern. I will have you video me performing your Personalized Exercise Program, which I will send to you via a Youtube link.

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