Pain Free Future

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“I don’t want to live in fear of pain!”

The injury cycle is frustrating. We recover from an injury, start feeling good again, have the desire to be active, and then BAM! Another injury. It can feel endless. At some point we just stop moving out of fear of causing hurt. Or we just don’t know what exercises to do to prevent an injury. When we visit the doctor, the typical remedy is pain relievers, injections, orthotics, braces, or the dreaded surgery. None of these sound like good alternatives.

I know this place well. After many years spent bouncing through the injury cycle with 20+ inches of scarring on my knee from five surgeries, there have been times I felt I was at war with my body. Pain was something I had to overcome. The more I pushed myself the greater the pain and injury I suffered. At some point I became so fearful of getting hurt doing the activities I loved, that I just shut down. But doing nothing felt just as bad, if not worse, than doing something–even if that something hurt. I had to find balance. I had to find a new way to move and live in the world that didn’t cause pain. I had to find a pain free future. Thankfully, I did.

And you can, too.

The truth is that pain and injury are not caused by the movements you do too much of, but by the movements you don’t or cannot do. As an example, when sitting in front of a computer all day, you spend a ton of time in a very specific position with your head and shoulders forward and hips and knees bent. We all know this is not ideal.  Sitting can cause pain and discomfort–but not from the sitting itself, rather because the time spent sitting is time not spent doing other movements. What is really causing your pain is the lack of healthy functional movements to compensate for the position of sitting. Functional movement has amazing restorative effects for our health. I will teach you how to re-integrate these movements into your daily life; develop a personalized pain and injury prevention program;  bring your body back into balance and break up the cycle of pain. I will help you create a pain free future.

What it will look like:

I start every new client with a free consultation. Prior to the consult, you’ll receive a new client intake form, which can be filled out online. This consultation is a hugely important component to the services I offer. It allows us to get to know one another, discuss what is expected of me as a therapist, and you as a client. I will ask about your current pain complaints,  injury history, and short and long term goals. I will describe the philosophy and varying modalities of work that I do, answer any of your questions about what to expect, and explain what is expected of you. At the end of the consultation, if you wish to continue forward we will plan out the next series of sessions. Developing an injury prevention exercise program is a life process. It takes time. Together we will create a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly program based upon both your short and long term goals.

In each session, I will assess your movement quality using both active movement assessments and hands on manual muscle testing to determine your specific compensation patterns–which muscles are overworking (compensating), and which muscles are underworking (inhibited). Once compensation patterns are determined, I may perform a Hands on Massage Therapy or stretch release, or I will teach you how to do a self massage or stretch release; followed immediately by a strengthening exercise.

At the end of the session I will teach you daily self care exercises to build an injury resistant body. I will have you video me performing the Personalized Exercise Program and send you a link of the video via Youtube so you can perform the exercises properly at home, work, or gym.

Change the story you’ve been living of recurring pain and injury.  Awaken your body’s ability to move and function and once again become fully engaged and present in your life. Your pain free future awaits.

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