Developing a Movement Practice Group Class

I am offering a new group class, Developing a Movement Practice. This will be a one-off experimental class focusing on exploring who are you as a human mover; developing the beautiful expression of your movement practice; and how to embrace play to prevent and reverse early onset boring adult disease.

This class will be based off what I do in my one-on-one sessions, except in a small group format. Which means it won’t look anything like what I do in one-on-one sessions. To be perfectly honest, I don’t know what this class will ultimately look like. It will be a total interactive experiment. My primary goal is that you leave with a better understanding of your body, human movement, and the art of developing a movement practice.

Because this class is an experiment and I love the concept of Gift Economy, I am offering this class as a gift. I will not charge anyone who attends *(I will only charge if you sign up and no show). I have no expectation of any payment, donation or otherwise. **If you find value from the class that you feel strongly enough to gift back, I will happily accept your gift.

Cancellation or No Show

*This will be a small intimate group. I’m only opening it to four people. Please do not sign up unless you are committed to showing up ready to learn, participate, explore, and play. In the event that you do sign up, cancel within 72 hours, or no show, you will be charged $100. This policy will be strictly enforced.


**If you wish to give back but don’t know how much, my perceived value of this class is between 0-$100 per person.


Birdsong Bodywork & Pilates
2927 West Anderson Lane
Austin, TX 78757

You can sign up for Developing a Movement Practice Group Class here.

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