Building a Garden Day – Feb 12

I’m building a garden and other backyard projects today. I’m picking up about 1000 pounds of the richest dirt you can get in Texas to move into my garden bed. I also need to create a barrier for my Loquat tree which the deer seem to have taken a liking.

Knowing I will be working outside all day… and it’s cold, at least Texas cold. Which is hovering around 33-36 degrees all day, I need to prep my body for moving.

This session is just a simple eight-minute movement preparation session to make sure all my muscles and joints are in order and ready to put forth some work. The past couple days have been pretty decent pain-wise down around a level 1 or 2. This is as close as I get to pain-free. So I’m pretty stoked about how I feel and want to take advantage of it while I can.

I got everything finished outside that I had planned. It took two trips to the Natural Gardener to haul dirt and a couple trips to Lowes as well. The kiddo helped a bit… mainly by not complaining too much about how cold it was. I got a few medium pots and a couple mint transplants for him (he loves mint). So he got to plant those. The garden looks good. The cages still need to be finished to protect it from the deer, but it is ready for seed. I am waiting for my seeds from the Seed CSA I ordered from. If you’re looking to start a garden or need help with seeds, I highly recommend contacting Don Tipping at Siskiyou Seeds.

My body still feels pretty good. It was a long day, but not overly intense. This was a nice twenty-minute restoration session with joint mobilizations and exploration.

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