Tight Low Back and Mild Knee Pain Movement Restoration – Feb 12

Yesterday I spent all day working in the backyard (hauling dirt into the new garden and protecting trees from the deer). I felt really good last night. This morning, my knee is a little more cranky, a 2 or 3 out of ten. Still within a good day pain range, but a bit more noticeable than yesterday. I also feel tightness on the right side of my low back (this is a pretty normal place for movement restriction).

This session is a much-needed movement prep for the day. I’m working on “oiling” up the knee to get is moving smoother in its own right and connect how it moves related to the whole system… especially the right side lower back. These little increases in tightness, restriction, and pain are my early indicators that my body needs to be recalibrated. It’s like the check engine light on a car. Ignore at your own peril.

Tight Low Back and Mild Knee Pain Movement Restoration

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