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Over the past few years, I have offered guidance in online forums to people dealing with chronic pain and injury. Oftentimes in these forums everyone is an “expert.” It is nearly impossible to differentiate a professional Movement Specialist, therapist, or coach from a non-professional layman. The problem is that much of this advice, although well intentioned, can at times be downright dangerous for those who receive it.

Each person posting a question in an online forum about pain or injury has a different life story and injury history, as well as an individual path to recovery. No two pain, injury, and recovery cases are ever alike–what may work for one person can cause harm for another. This is why having a trained movement professional in your corner is so important. A Movement Specialist can offer a full movement assessment, followed by injury treatment and an individualized, corrective protocol to help restore healthy and pain-free movement. If you’re in pain or dealing with chronic injury, you need a full assessment prior to any corrective prescription. This is something you simply will not receive in an online forum.

In an effort to reduce the noise and try to reach people who are asking for help, I created a special I created a special group page on Facebook, called The Injury Corner. The Injury Corner is devoted to providing advice and guidance for those dealing with pain and page on Facebook, called The Injury Corner. The Injury Corner is devoted to providing advice and guidance for those dealing with pain and injury.

I have asked some of the top Movement Specialists in the country to join and contribute their expertise and experience. The support this page has generated in the short month since its creation has been overwhelming. Already, it has reached over 200 members with some fantastic dialogue.

In The Injury Corner, you will not be assessed or diagnosed. The goal of this forum is to provide support, guidance, direction, and help to connect you with the best professional health team available for your needs. In addition to the main forum, I have also created a list of movement therapists who support this group, and posted a directory as a file available to group members. This allows people across the country to follow up in person with a qualified and knowledgeable movement professional in their area.

imgresThe Injury Corner is a safe and supportive space for anyone dealing with chronic pain and injury. I want you to contribute. Share your physical and emotional experience with pain and injury. In order to maintain this safe and supportive space, The Injury Corner is a closed group. Anyone who joins must first be approved before they can read or post on the forum.

The movement professionals involved with The Injury Corner will do our very best to help you change your relationship with pain, begin your healing process, and restore healthy pain-free movement. We will be a resource to connect you to a health team. We will guide, support, and be by your side throughout your healing process.




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