Post Travel Movement Re-integration – Jan 15

Traveling is tough on the movement practice. No doubt about it. We left early morning Thursday for New York and returned early morning Sunday. It was a stressful, fully packed, and incredibly fun trip.

I left with a focus on maintaining my movement practice as much as possible through the trip, which I feel I did pretty well at. I got a lot more movement at the beginning of the trip, but as sleep deprivation, lack of movement space and time, and just overall exhaustion elevated, the movement became harder to come by. This is just the reality of travel. It will always be harder to focus on what my body needs than when I’m in the luxury of my regular life.

I made a point to squat and move as much as possible every opportunity I had. It made a difference. I am worn out from the trip but no worse for wear than when I left. My neck is still uncomfortable in specific movements but overall improved.

This video is the from Sunday evening after getting back. I’m exhausted and just want to go lie down in bed. I did a ton of walking around the city with my son and mom, which means I played the pack-mule with a 30-40 lb backpack filled with food, water, and clothes for each day. My knee and back are tight and achy. I know if I didn’t get at least a short movement session tonight, I’ll be paying for it over the next several days or weeks.

My focus is on mobilizing the entire body with the micro joint-by-joint movements and integrating into the macro full body. It really felt good to connect movements from my hips into my neck and head. I was going to add some balance play but felt this was enough for the night.

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