Movement Restoration and Exploration

Do you have chronic pain? Do you have a strong desire to move, but don’t know where to start? Or every time you start the newest greatest workout, do you end up injured within the first few weeks? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then I hope to inspire you to move your body in a new way.

New Program Launching Friday!

I am incredibly excited to share my life-changing movement practice with you.

This Friday, I will send out the first installment of a practice I call Movement Restoration and Exploration. It will be a series of seven movement videos to help you awaken your human being. Each week, I will send out a new movement series. 

These movements are the first lessons of my teachings. They are my daily movements. They are the starting point of what I teach every client who walks through my doors. 

For years, pain and injury was the story of my life. Movement restoration and exploration have changed my relationship with pain and in the process changed my life. I have also witnessed the lives of my clients change with these movements. (I will tell you the story of one such client tomorrow). I believe that they have the potential to change your life too. 

To ensure that you get the content when it launches, click over to my YouTube page and subscribe now!


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