Injury! Setback or Opportunity

Injury! A setback or an opportunity?

It’s a very simple yet profound choice. Do you see an injury as a setback? Or can you find the opportunity it brings you? Which one you choose will play a major role in the type of progress you make during your recovery. I now get to make this choice once again for myself.

meniscus tear type - Injury setback opportunityA couple days ago, on Wednesday August 3rd,  I felt a pop in my knee (my good knee) standing out of a deep pistol squat position. This is a movement I’ve performed countless times. I was showing a client what a pistol squat was, but my body was not prepared properly to make it. All signs turn towards a torn meniscus. A significant injury.

Yes, it will be a setback to my workout program. It will probably take at least a year to recover from without surgery and even longer if I opt for surgery.

Is this Injury a Setback or Opportunity?

No! It is an opportunity. I get to learn something new about myself; about my body; and about injury, healing, and recovery.

I am reeling a bit emotionally. There is a level in which an injury just sucks. I’m sure I’ll get to explore the depths of emotions such as anger, disappointment, self judgement, and depression over the next few weeks and months. There is always a strong emotional component to injury. Which is why my choice of outlook is so important.

I am willing to feel the emotional rollercoaster that is coming because even in the depths of it, I will learn and grow.

Injury sucks, my movement progress will be setback, but I am grateful for the opportunity to learn about myself. I’ll keep you updated on my progress.

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