Foam roller therapy session to relieve knee pain, inflammation, and mild swelling

For over 15 years, foam roller therapy has been a key supplemental tool in my movement practice. The Trigger Point Grid, as well as a softer foam roller, Theracane, and various massage balls, are regulars in my sessions with clients and in my personal self-care. I attribute much of the healing and recovery I’ve experienced in life — from a motorcycle accident, multiple car accidents, concussions, dislocations, six knee surgeries and much more — to integrating foam roller therapy into my personal movement practice.

Over the last 15+ years of foam roller therapy, I have learned to reconnect with my structure… holding tension only where tension is needed and releasing tension where it is not needed. Lessons that resonate strongly with me in all aspects of life: intellectually, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Foam roller therapy session to relieve knee pain, inflammation, and mild swelling

Part of recovering from six knee surgeries is dealing with the occasional inflammation and swelling. I did a 45-minute moderate-intensity hike earlier in the day. By evening, both knees were aching and I felt capsular tightness from mild swelling in the right knee. This has been a chronic recurrence since the knee surgery a year and a half ago.

An interesting thing… I actually feel pretty good about this. Months ago, inflammation and swelling were chronic. I was experiencing it every day. It was a real drag. This is the first issue of inflammation and swelling in over two months. A significant improvement. Before it was every two to three weeks. Also, I feel pretty confident in the tools that I have which brought me here.

My goal in a full body foam roller therapy sessions is to seek balance. I want to work both sides of the body, front and back, upper and lower; and I pay attention to the areas that speak loudest.

I move softly… non-painfully… non-forcefully. I trust my body. I am listening… not dictating. My body has a story to tell me. It is a story of my pain… how it has shaped me… continues to shape me. When I listen to my body… I can hear the story of healing and recovery. The goal on the roller is not to punish… it is to reconnect. It is not to fix… it is to allow.

I don’t do this type of intensive “deeper” tissue massage every day. I aim to do 30-60 minute full body foam roller therapy sessions once a week to once per month. If I have pain or inflammation, I may increase the frequency to multiple times per week.

If you don’t have much experience with massage or self-massage, I do not suggest beginning here. I would be happy to answer any questions and create more videos to help you get started.

This video is sped up four times. You can slow down or speed up the video in the Youtube settings.

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