Working Out Kinks in my Neck – Mar 3

I started feeling some restrictions in my neck mobility. It isn’t at the point of pain just yet, but my experience knows this as a pain precursor.

In this session, I’m focusing on feeling where the restrictions connect throughout my body. Just because the restriction/tightness is felt in the neck, doesn’t mean that is where the problem is located.

Working Out Kinks in my Neck

I started with a little foam roller and Thera-cane around the neck and shoulders to feel around for muscle/fascial tissue that feels unwilling/unable to lengthen.

Next, I went into Movement Exploration, again with the same purpose. During the movement, I noticed the base of my neck wasn’t moving. I got out the massage balls and worked around the base of my skull.

I finished with some deep breathing check-in, feeling with each inhale and exhale whether I can expand into each quadrant of the body.

The neck stiffness feels a little better, but is still present, The rest of my body feels well moved and oiled. We’ll see how it feels tomorrow.

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