Travel day – Still need to move

Kimberly Vogelsang, LMT, PMA Certified Pilates Instructor - Travel day

Today is a travel day. Traveling to the big apple. Yesterday was not a great movement day. I was busy with morning sessions, midafternoon errands, getting packed for NY, and meditation workshop. I did get a much-needed massage from my good friend Kimberly Vogelsang of Birdsong Bodyworks & Pilates.

With such a busy schedule, it has been a challenge to get bodywork. There are only a handful of people I allow to work on my body. Kim is one of my favorites. If you are in the Austin area, I highly recommend getting a session with her.

My neck feels much better after the massage yesterday, but the pain is still there. Overall, I feel decent. Pain level today is around 3-4 on a scale of 10. As soon as we got to the airport I found this little space and spent a couple minutes moving. It is amazing what two or three minutes can do to awaken my body. It’s like a physical dose of caffeine.


When traveling, it is incredibly easy to just sit. It is what everyone is doing. I like to find the little open spaces in the airport and move. I may look weird to everyone else, but I have to live in this body. A day of traveling without moving today will equal a much more painful day tomorrow and the next day.

This video is from our layover in Nashville after two hours on a plane. This is just five-minute movement session, but it feels like a body saver. As the day wears on, it will be harder and harder to take the time out to move. So fitting it in when I can is super important.


My mom lives on the ninth floor. I could take the elevator… or I could take the stairs. Whenever I have the option of stairs and I am physically capable of climbing stairs… I take the stairs. Cause that’s how I roll!

Flight of stairs - Travel day

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