Tactical Medicine and Firearms Training Courses

I have a good friend who is a former SEAL and private military contractor who is done deploying and wants to teach people some of the lifesaving skills he has gained and used over two decades of service. I’ve known Trevor for nearly 20 years. When I think of men I aspire to, he is in my top five… and not because he’s a Navy SEAL badass, but because he’s also a top-notch human with an amazing heart. I would love to get him to Austin to teach a couple of courses because I want to learn this stuff! I believe this knowledge is practical and useful. The kind of stuff you never want to use, but when it’s needed… you just save a life! I am putting out feelers to see if there is any interest in these classes.
Please send me a PM if you are interested in any of these courses.
Tactical Medicine Training
How to properly use an IFAK medical kit focusing on immediate care/combat trauma type injuries for when first responders can’t get to you quickly. This course aims to create stronger and more resilient communities.
IFAK Course- Blended
– 3-4 hour course
– 20 people per class
Firearms Training
Courses designed to train the proper foundations for becoming seriously competent shooters.
Beginning Pistol- Woman
– a two day, 3-4 hours per day.
– 6 people per class
Beginning Pistol- Men
– a two day, 3-4 hours per day
– 6 people per class
Intermediate and advanced pistol and carbine courses also available.
*All shooting participants must pass a background check
*For folks interested in the shooting courses, combat trauma will be included in the course.

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