Natural Movement Group Fitness Classes

Natural Movement Group Fitness Classes

“Be strong to be helpful”

The Art of Fitness philosophy does not view fitness as a notch on a scoreboard to compare or compete against others. Instead fitness is the ability to be useful in the world for oneself and for others.

I am offering this course to encourage you to become Better Movers. By becoming a Better Mover, you will move better to feel better; reduce pain and injury risks; improve performance in your chosen activity, hobby, or sport(s);  and most importantly, to be strong to be helpful.

What does “be strong to be helpful” mean? It means you have the physical capabilities to be helpful to yourself and to others in a time need.

Here is an example of “Be Strong to Be Helpful”.

For us to succeed in this course
I’m looking for 4-6 dedicated Movers who want to:
Develop lifelong movement skills
Prevent injury
Improve efficiency, strength, power, agility, balance, and coordination
Engage in strength and conditioning training for all sports
Volunteer a weekend of physical labor for Mobile Loaves and Fishes, Genesis Gardens, a local non profit dedicated to helping the homeless.
Have Fun!

What it will look like:
We will meet 2x/week. Wednesday 6:10a-7:10 and Saturday 7a-8a *Minimum 4 Movers to create class

Each Natural Movement session will be 60 minutes, and will consist of:
Restorative Movement – Warm up
-Specific exercises to promote movement restoration, injury prevention, improved motor and joint function, and warm up the body.
Movement skill introduction, practice, and progressions
-We’ll break down specific movements skills – such as how to do a proper pull up, push up, vaulting technique, and running – learning the important progressions that lead to healthy, efficient movement.
Combo workout
-5-8 exercises, integrating the above skills, to improve full body strength, conditioning, efficiency, power, agility, balance, and coordination.

Here is an example of a combo workout

Each week will progress from the previous. The first couple of weeks will be slower as we really focus on establishing a solid movement foundation. As we progress each week, the workouts will become more challenging. Much of our time will be spent outside on the Oak Hill Fitness obstacle course. Movers should expect to sweat, to develop some good, healthy calluses, and above all–have fun!

Oak Hill Fitness
7401 Old Bee Caves Road, 78735

What you get:
Twice a week Natural Movement group workouts

Weekly restorative movement and conditioning program
-daily workouts outside of group sessions
-delivered daily via email

Youtube video exercise reference library



Cost per month:
$250/month – includes Rugged Maniac registration fee

To sign up, contact Jesse James by email at [email protected], call or send a text to 512-587-2283.

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