Profile: Movement Coach Eric Brown

Profile: Movement Coach Eric Brown

As a movement professional, I follow some of the top movement coaches around the world. I am incredibly grateful to call many of them teachers, colleagues, and friends. In the world of fitness, it is incredibly challenging to separate great movers from great coaches. So I am starting this series of Movement Coach Profiles to introduce the people who, for me, teach and inspire the culture of movement as a system of wellness and more importantly… growing and thriving in life. 

Introducing Movement Coach Eric Brown

Movement Coach Eric BrownFor my first Movement Coach Profile, I’d love to introduce you to Eric Brown, a Level III MovNat Certified Trainer from Dallas, Texas. On top of being a terrific movement coach, Eric is also a MovNat Team Instructor, former U.S. Navy SEAL, and Naval Special Warfare Center Instructor of the Year. I first met Eric a couple years ago. We took the MovNat level one certification course together. Being ex Navy myself, and having several of my closest friends as ex SEALs, I connected and liked him immediately. Eric has a quiet authority to him. A wisdom of age and experience that is expressed through his physical presence and his passion for teaching.  

Movement Philosophy

Eric’s movement philosophy really resonates with me. Whether in the woods or in the neighborhood, “practical, in nature – pun intended,” he shows people how to master their natural movement abilities; develop movement skills to be of service for their community. He teaches a way of moving and being in the world that prepares them so that no matter what life throws their way, they can live a full, healthy, vibrant life.

Movement Coach Eric Brown

In my eyes, something that really sets movement coach Eric Brown apart from mainstream fitness is his focus on developing practical movement skills. You can find tons of “coaches” with videos of themselves doing amazing physical feats. However, what someone can do and what someone can teach doesn’t always match up. I see a ton of coaches so focused on teaching the big sexy Instagram movements, that they can actually hurt their clients. Eric instead focuses on the basic progressions to build a solid movement foundation. It may not look sexy, but it is the stuff that when done well… will improve your movement and change your life.

Shaped By His Movement Environment

As his movement practice has evolved, Eric has come to see his environment as an extension to his movement. He is constantly observing his surroundings, looking for opportunities to move, explore, and play in everyday life.

Movement Coach Eric BrownEric doesn’t spend much time in the traditional gym. If he has to be in a closed-space, he prefers an open floor plan studio to a gym (a throwback to his martial arts upbringing). For the past several years, his main training areas have been the woods, parks, and home. He is in the process of setting up a training facility for the MovNat Dallas and Never Afraid To Move (NATM) businesses.

Whether he’s in the woods or in a training facility, he uses his environment as a guide; there’s always a an opportunity to use his mind, body, and spirit in a way that will help him grow as a full being. One of his favorite spaces in Dallas for movement is the Cedar Ridge Preserve. With the trails, trees, hills and different terrain, you can use just about all of your natural movement skills.

Another thing that sets Eric apart is the way in which he leads by example. Check out the tremendous videos of his below to see his passion for movement and how he lives what he teaches. I consider this to be another sign of a great coach and teacher.

Coaching Style

Movement Coach Eric BrownAs a movement coach Eric Brown’s goals for clients involve more holistic metrics than typical personal training goals. For Eric’s clients, the number one hurdle is slowing down. He works with each individual to keep them from jumping too high or too far, or from trying to lift too much to fast.  He wants them to see and feel the power of what is available within their body. That they develop ownership of these skills so that, when they are needed in real life situations, they can have trust and confidence of their body to respond well. He tells his clients, “Patiently persistent practice produces proper practical progression,” because who doesn’t love alliteration. But more importantly, if you begin with small steps, and put in the time, you will achieve mastery.

Eric demonstrates movements and provides his clients with video so they can continue their practice and progress outside of their sessions. He breaks the big movement skills into smaller bite sized progressions. A strong focus on the baby steps until you are ready to tackle bigger more complex movements. He reminds his clients to “find your best self in your movement,” and “motion makes magic.” Over time, clients shift their mindset with small movement victories. At the end of the day, he’s trying to help their dreams become realities and memories, as they continue to move the mind, body, and spirit into the truest expression of themselves.

Examples of Eric Brown’s Movement Coaching


Movement Coach Eric Brown’s Bio

Movement Coach Eric BrownEric Brown is a former U.S. Navy SEAL, Master Training Specialist and Naval Special Warfare Center Instructor of the Year. Having trained and instructed in a variety of physical and mental disciplines — e.g. obstacle courses, calisthenics, rescue swimming, ROPES challenge courses, combative arts, neuro-associative conditioning — Eric has experienced a wide breath of life lessons that have brought him to a deeper understanding of his role in life and society. A family man, he enjoys moving with his wife and young son, fulling expressing his “NATM – Never Afraid to Move” way of life. As a Level 3 MovNat Certified Trainer, his mission is to increase the quality of life for the young and old. Letting those open to the training know that consistency is the key to moving and feeling better. As he often says, “Patiently persistent practice, produces proper practical progression.”

Connect with Movement Coach Eric Brown and Never Afraid to Move

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