Hanging and Climbing

A MovNat fitness class Hanging and ClimbingEver wonder why we have playgrounds designed to promote healthy human movement for kids, but not for adults?

Kids don’t walk up to a playground and plan how many sets and reps of each exercise their going to do. They simply play and move. It is through this play that they develop great movement skills.

Children who explore and play using their natural skills become great movers. But then adulthood begins and we sit and we sit and we sit. We stop exploring. We stop playing. Instead of play we go inside a box, stair at the TV’s on the wall, and get on equipment that takes all the fun and joy out of being a human mover. That’s why we call it a “workout”, because it IS Work. And our movement abilities suffer. This is not a recipe for healthy lifelong movement ability.

Exercise should be fun. We need to build more playgrounds for adults.

Hanging and Climbing

Hanging and Climbing

This is a nice little movement video from a fellow MovNat coach. These are all movements that I practice and teach in personal training and coaching sessions.

MovNat Snapshots 12 – HangingMovNat Snapshots 12 – Hanging

Posted by MovnatMunich on Sunday, October 25, 2015

I love hanging and climbing work. Adding it into my daily practice has had a huge impact on my overall strength and movement abilities. Plus it’s fun!

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