Every day of your life, you are developing a movement practice - whether you realize it or not. Every waking moment, the decisions you make reinforce your practice. Are you crossing your legs the same way? Are you staring down at your phone, arching your neck and back? These repetitive motions shape your body over time. 

Do You Have a Body? Then You Have a Movement Practice.  

There is a change that comes when we begin to realize how the way we move affects us. We become more capable and experience a richer life within our bodies. We seize opportunities to express ourselves through movement where we find them, at work and at play. We analyze our movements and hone our skills through daily practice. 

To help you on this journey, we are currently accepting sign-ups for an exciting new opportunity for Austin movers; the TAOFit Movement Mentorship Program! 

Throughout the six-month TAOFit Movement Mentorship, Jesse will take participants on a journey to rediscover movement, and in the process, rediscover themselves. Program participants will meet monthly to receive hands-on training, and to set their new movement focus and intentions. Each month, we’ll support your journey with videos, support, and inspiration delivered to you directly. Throughout the program, participants can interact with their mentors and cheer each other on via our private Facebook group. Whether you are a seasoned mover looking to gain deeper insight into your process, or a newcomer just starting to understand how movement can change your life, this course will provide you with the tools you need to broaden your movement practice. 

TAOfit Movement Mentorship ProgramThe TAOFit Movement Mentorship Includes:

  • ○Monthly in-person sessions in various locations. Current locations:
    • •Austin, TX (meets once per month on Sunday from 2p-4p)
    • •Manhattan, NY (meets once per month on Saturday beginning Nov 16th, 2019 time TBD)
  • ○Online interaction and support
    • •Weekly movement videos
    • •Inspirational and educational emails
    • •Members-Only Facebook community
  • ○TAOFit workshops and webinars for deep dives into specific movement practices (such as squats and climbing)

Ready to Level Up Your Movement Practice?

Personal Mentoring and Community for Just $150/month.

A single one-on-one session with Jesse is typically $150, so this is a fantastic value. Each month, participants receive in-person training and assessments, video and email coaching and inspiration, and the gift of developing your practice in our community -- all for the price of a single session!   

*I believe in a gift economy mindset, so if this amount is not something you can manage, but you’re 100% committed, let’s talk. Payment is charged on the 8th of each month. I offer a 10% discount for participants who are able to pay the full amount up front.

Interested in joining the TAOFit Movement Mentorship Program? Let’s jump on a call to get you set up. 

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