TAOFit Movement Mentorship Group

Gift Economy

If you find The TAOFit Method valuable in changing your movement lifestyle, and would like to gift us back, we have a tip jar with both monthly and one time gift offering options. Your gifts will help us spread the Natural Movement movement.

Thanks to the wonderful support of Patreon members like you, we offer all TAOFit services for free, as a gift to community. This includes online consultations, classes, programs, and  workshop. We are here to help you discover the wild human you were born to be.

  • This is your entryway into The TAOFit Method – Lesson One: Movement Therapy – the daily movement assessment/check in.
  • Sign up and join the TAOFit Tribe in the human movement journey. Over the next six weeks, you will receive an email each week day (and one occasionally on a weekend).
  • You will be challenged to make space and time (5-30 minutes per day) to assess and explore your body through movement – ie “discovering your movement map” or “finding home”.


  • Day 1 (Friday): Our Weekly Movement Focus
  • Day 2 (Monday): Mindset and Inspiration
  • Day 3 (Tuesday): Movement Challenge
  • Day 4 (Wednesday): Movement Education
  • Day 5 (Thursday): Check-In and FAQs

Tip Jar

  • Venmo – one time
    • @jesse-james-38
  • Patreon – a monthly gift offering
  • Pay it forward
    • share your movement experience with your community. 

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