The TAOFit Method Movement Therapy Online Class

The TAOFit Method

TAOFit Method - Movement Therapy Online Class - Every Tuesday & Thursday at 9 am CST VIA ZOOM LINK
Every Tuesday & Thursday at 9 am CST VIA This ZOOM LINK

We are all born wild humans, but live a domesticated human life.

This class is an introduction to The TAOFit Method.

  • Movement Therapy Mobility Assessments
  • Finger to Toe Joint Mobility
  • Ancestral/Primal Core
  • Intro to Crawling
  • Intro to Climbing 
  • Vestibular Balance
  • Move. Connect. Explore. Play. Discovery.

Each class is geared towards movement beginners as well as advanced movement nerds. Each Class is recorded and posted to the TAOFit Youtube playlist – Movement Therapy – Free 50-minute Online Classes

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