Great Online Coaches and Programs

I love my social media feed. It is filled with people, moving their amazing bodies in beautiful ways. Seeing my fellow movers inspires me, I learn from them, and you can too. This is a list of great online coaches and programs that I feel are at the top of the movement game. I highly recommend adding them to your feed; and If you ever get the opportunity to train with them, jump on it.

Great Online Coaches and Programs


MovNat is a methodology of movement that focuses on moving naturally as part of the human experience. They offer workshops and certifications that focus on the skill of movement. MovNat is about moving in progression, with the goal of exploring the world, not conquering your body. For me, studying natural movement means that I am no longer confined to the groomed flat trails that are designed for people who don’t move well; I have new capabilities in my body now. If you’re interested in exploring new kinds of movement, this may be a perfect paradigm for you.

Great Online Coaches and ProgramsGreat Online Coaches and Programs



I really like the programming, methodology, and philosophy of GMB (Gold Medal Bodies).  I like them enough that I plan to join their apprenticeship program and become a coach.

Great Online Coaches and Programs

Is there a coach or program I should add to my list?

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