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Over the course of my fitness journey, I’ve come across some fantastic companies and products. I’ve dedicated this Affiliate Products page for the companies/brands that I have personally tried—I know them, I love them, and they have brought me value around how I move and interact in the world. I truly believe that these options can aid you in your own journey of fitness. Plus, your purchase supports the TAOFit mission. 

When you purchase these products, after clicking the below links, we receive a small commission. These funds not only help us to support our families, but they also allow us additional time and flexibility to continue to produce high quality content, classes, and movement programs at no cost to the community.

That being said, I believe 100% in every link on this page and share them primarily to help you In your journey of developing a movement practice and lifestyle.

Thank you for supporting The Art of Fitness.

Barefoot Shoes

VivoBarefoot Affiliates LInk

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Carets Barefoot Dress Shoes

Luna Sandals Affiliates LInk

Health and Lifestyle

Squatty Potty Affiliates LInk