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Learn to move without the fear of pain or injury.
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Movement Assessment

Defend your body against pain & prevent injury.
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Move Better

Look and feel better, and experience a deeper sense of poise, grace, balance, and control. Explore movement.
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Creating a Personalized Exercise Program For You

During each personal training session, my primary goal is to give you powerful take home exercises that will give your body the biggest bang for your buck.


Visit our YouTube fitness channel

We use You Tube to show fitness exercise videos designed especially for you to meet your specific exercise needs and goals.

Tao-Fit is The Art of Fitness

How does your body feel? In the morning when you wake up, do you experience pain or stiffness? Do you move and exercise in fear of the next painful injury? Tao-Fit can help.

It is the lack of movement due to sitting all day that locks us up into this painful prison, preventing us from exploring life without fear. The Art of Fitness can help free you from this prison through healthy pain free movement exploration. We offer a holistic approach to movement through expert movement assessment, hands on massage therapy, personal training and coaching, a personalized exercise program, and much more.

My name is Jesse James Retherford and I am the founder and primary practitioner at The Art of Fitness – Tao-Fit. I believe you can live a pain free life, and I am dedicated to helping you do just that.

I am Movement Therapist with over 16 years of experience in many different movement oriented modalities, personal training and coaching, hands on massage therapy, movement assessment, and NeuroKinetic Therapy. I do this work because I was my first client. In my youth, I lived recklessly. I was angry and full of fear and self judgment, which caused me to make choices that lacked value or respect for my body. Because of this internal emotional turmoil, well into my late twenties, I chose activities which literally destroyed my body. I’ve suffered through concussions, jams, sprains, dislocations, staph infections, and five major knee surgeries. I know what it’s like to live in pain, to identify myself as “my” pain, to feel hopeless, and to believe that pain is just a fact of life.

Experience the freedom of healthy pain free movement. Contact Tao-Fit for a pain free life – Hands on Massage Therapy, Personal Training and Coaching – Austin, Texas.

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