Online Coaching

Online Coaching! A New Movement Paradigm

As I’ve developed my movement therapy practice, our community has grown beyond Austin. Many people follow along via The Art of Fitness’s websiteYouTube channel, and/or Facebook page. Some of you may never be close enough to schedule an in-person personal training and coaching session at the gym. So after numerous requests for long-distance coaching options, I’m excited to announce Online Coaching.

Through Online Coaching
We will discuss dysfunctional movement patterns that are leading to pain, exploring the background causes of these difficult patterns.

Experience pain free movement with online coachingWe will discuss in detail your goals, progress, and areas of limitation. We’ll check in with your body to get a sense of where you’re at today.

We will address the issues that are preventing you from reaching your goals. This real-time feedback will move you toward a more productive and pain-free movement experience.

I will provide you with a personally prescribed workout, customized to your needs and available space.

pt_skype-600x250I use video to teach specific movements and then post them on YouTube for your daily use. Using either Skype or Facetime, each live video coaching session will incorporate similar goals as with my in-person sessions. In each 30- or 60-minute session, you can expect …

  • One-on-one consultation. I’ll instruct you in careful detail how to incorporate movements designed to learn and integrate healthy pain free movement .
  • Live streaming demonstrations. You will have an opportunity to watch me do each movement, try the movement yourself, and get immediate feedback (as much as your space and video setup allows).
  • On-the-spot planning and feedback. We will discuss the movements and create a workout which you’ll be able to practice on your own after the call.
  • Optional workout during the call. Depending on your schedule and setup, you have the option of doing an extended workout during the call. If so, I’ll coach you as if you are training with me in person.
  • A growing content video library of movement exercises. After each call, I’ll send video instructions for each movement we’ve discussed, so that you’ll have videos of each movement to refer back to as you move throughout your week. Videos will be uploaded 48-72 hours after your call.
  • Email coaching between sessions. Not sure of the movement you’re working on? Send questions and/or video via email.  

Free initial consultation
$60 for 30-minute session
$105 for 60-minute session
Monthly subscription packages available

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