Muscle Imbalances Are Causing Your Shoulder Pain By Robert Vignoli

Do Your Shoulders Burn With Pain After Working at the Computer All Day?

Do you think about your posture while working on the computer? The chances are that you don’t and if I was to take a picture of you at the end of the day would your neck be hidden behind those shoulders that you wear for earrings?

This is a common issue with individuals working on a computer. Over a period of time this becomes a learned position. Have you notice how your shoulders creep up when we are under stress? The Levator Scapula (which translates from Latin into “elevate the scapula” – the triangular bone of the shoulder) is a muscle which connects the shoulder to the neck.

This muscle, along with the upper trapezius muscle are activated to elevate the shoulders. Activated meaning tensed in order to use. We are activating it constantly, even during lower levels of stress. Add to that a heavy bag, tight bra straps, a purse, or a phone clutched between your shoulder and ear, and you will eventually see why you have neck and shoulder pain.

Muscle Imbalances:

Your shoulder are burning with pain because your upper trapezius muscles become more dominant and tight while, your lower trapezius muscles become weak. Your lower traps work counter-balance to the upper traps by pulling your shoulders down but not when, your upper traps are so tight they take over.

This excessive elevated shoulder position becomes your normal posture. Your lower trapezius muscles cannot pull your shoulder/scapula down thus becoming weak from being over-stretched. Implementing a strengthening program for the lower traps will not work completely without first releasing the tension or tightness in the upper traps.

When this muscle imbalance problem goes uncorrected, you will develop improper movement patterns of the shoulder joint and muscles. Now every time you move your hands, arms or shoulders, your upper trapezius muscles will fire first in that movement chain; subjecting them to overuse injuries, chronic pain, dysfunction and limited range of motion. This will fatigue your shoulder, decrease your pain threshold and cause them to burn and ache.

Tips On Alleviating Shoulder Pain:

  • Get a headset for your phone
  • Lengthen your traps
  • Strengthen your lower lats on a lat pull-down machine
  • Properly fitted bra with wide straps is recommended
  • Move those shoulders through-out the day (up, down and around)
  • Take frequent quick breaks every 30 minutes and check your shoulder position
  • Make this a conscious habit so that it becomes an unconscious effort
  • Get a massage at Roman Paradigm Massage & Therapy

“A Pillar To Your Healthy Lifestyle!”

Reposted with permission of Robert Vignoli.

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